Hollywood Punk Rock in the '70s

Ok, I am coding this by hand, so bear with me. I am finally scanning the pictures that I have and maybe sometime I'll get around to adding some text.

last updated 1/27/09

Picture 1

Mary Rat
Mary Rat aka Aretha Jefferson

Picture 2

Mary Rat and Trixie
Mary Rat, Trixie and others at the old Eroll Flynn Estate

Picture 3

Brian Kahrs and Bill Klein
Brian Kahrs and Bill Klein moving things into the Canturbury at Cherokee and Yucca 1978

Picture 3

Barbara and Dorothy Xerox
Barbara Xerox and Dorothy Xerox 1978

Picture 4

De De Troit
DeDe Troit of UXA 1979

Picture 5

Gerber and Donnie
Gerber Michelle Bell and Donnie Rose 1979?

Picture 6

DeDe Troit and band
DeDe Troit and her band 19??

Picture 7

Tracy Lee aka Tracy Marshak
Tracy Lee circa 1983 (ok, I know it's not the '70s, but she was a big part of my life in the 70's (and beyond))